Friday, September 23, 2016

Recent Work : North Bass Beach

Adam and I had the pleasure of joining an event hosted by the Lake Erie Islands Historical Society that took us to North Bass Island. There was a murder mystery game to play that we totally ignored in lieu of driving around the island and checking shit out. There were lots of abandoned houses, as the island is becoming a state park. It was basically glorious. And of course, I took a quick break for a little naked frolic!

I set my "tripod" (Adam) too far down the beach and when I reached the ginormous tree roots, I was kinda tiny. But there were other people on the beach and this was almost the most surreptitious shoot I've ever done. Because of the distance I was from the camera, I've cropped in close on these, so they quality might be iffy. Lessons learned, right? I hope they're still cool.