Monday, October 3, 2016


I don't feel much different from last week and today has such a long to do list that I'm not even digging up a photo for this post, because fuck it.

I used to think this section of my blog was a helpful illustration of how I remain motivated and how I manage my time. But right now, it feels like I sound like every other asshole in the U.S. talking about how BUSY EVERYTHING IS. Of course, I'm not rereading this blog post to every person who asks me to hang out, but I am writing every week the same shit that I fail to accomplish and how hard life is.

But whining is annoying, isn't it?

This Week's Goals
Run three days
Hit my mileage goal
Do some yoga
Stay on top of my schoolwork
Clean out all the things
Sew stuff
Paint the bedroom
Put together the bedroom
Complete as much Coursera coursework as possible*

* I'm not actually sure when this one will ever be completed, but I have to keep listing it so I don't allow this goal to fall away to the land of shit I never finished. It's important and I will get to it.


  1. Coursera is a good website where you can learn different things free of cost and can get professional education as well. I believe that with your this one weekly plan, you will be able to focus on your education at best level. Coursework writing services

    1. Yes, I agree. I'm taking a course, but it's been put on the back burner for my college education. However, things are changing so I think I can get back on track with it!