Monday, November 21, 2016

Fuck Monday

We've really already been in fucking holiday mode for two weeks now, but this week is supposedly the super beginning of fucking holiday time. I could not be more stressed out and tired about life and everything. I ran three times last week, which is better than none, but still not my goal of four runs. (AND I'm behind on mileage.) Adam and I didn't get to hike together, though we did take our new pupper friend out when I went for a run and he hiked. I did catch up on most of my homework, except for some annoying fucking exercises with software that I have to access through a virtual desktop and I fucking hate it. But yes, I'm going to actually do all of these exercises this week and hope I can get some points on them.

I finished up everything last night just before midnight, went to bed, and have spent almost all of today on the couch or organizing cds. It's good to finish a project, but I'm just ready for a fucking nap and already want to avoid the fuck out of school which is not good. My goal is NOT to be up until midnight on Sunday of this week so that I'm not fucking exhausted before my big school day starts...but honestly, I'm hating this fucking session.



This Week's Goals
Run four times
Fill out my Passion Planner
Do some yoga
Keep up on schoolwork
Schedule CLEP in your planner
Hike final Everett trail
Sew those fucking skirts
Edit Charlee's fucking photos!

101 this Fall:

019. Create line of dolls
057. Ride a Horse
058. Go rock climbing (outside or inside)
065. Hike all the trails in all the Metroparks of Cleveland and Summit County
066. Hike every trail in CVNP

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