Monday, November 14, 2016

Get it!

Last week was crazy. I helped open a new store in the mall and then we had the grand opening. I put in a 15-hour day on Thursday. So, I skipped two runs. I didn't have time Friday and I was so beat down on Sunday that I went for a hike instead. I feel bummed about this because at the end of my last period of marathon training, everything fell apart. But then, I wasn't really getting out at all. A hike is better than nothing, so that's what I'm sticking to. Once I get my schedule together, I can plan...if only I could get that schedule!

I'm making another change in my to do list. I've been trying to get back on the Coursera jam and it's been very difficult. The bottom line is that if I'm gonna work, run, and school...and test out of two classes...I don't have time for extra school. I really had to think about how I kept trying to get back into it and just never had time. For me, sure, there is enough physical time, but definitely not enough emotional time. The reality is that college is a major stressor for me. I have a bunch of mediocre and also shitty professors hell bent on being the hierarchy instead of actual teachers. My peers are a joke and the grading is far from fair. I'm constantly faced with stupid projects that are busy work steeped in extremely common scenarios. It drives me mad and it forces me to compromise my own intellect in order to fake it or to rebel and do an assignment that isn't acceptable and receive an F (which has happened twice so far). I'm just trying to get through the weeks when the difficulty with the bureaucracy of college leaves me asking myself why I even bother. Too many nights, lying in bed, texting my friends and asking Adam why the fuck I'm still doing this.

Honestly, I don't know if any of this matters. A college degree does not an educated or cultured person make, but I've been fighting this struggle for over a decade and so I'm just trying to get it done. If I'm going to get it done, I need to recognize that I'm just not going to conquer an entire fucking mountain right now. So, I'm letting Coursera go for now. I'm focusing on finishing this degree, running the next marathon, and working this job! I still have plans for what I might need after I finish my bachelor's, so I'm not forgetting the things that are important to me.

Adam and I are finishing out the remaining trails in the CVNP this week, so that is so awesome! Staying active is important and I have a lot of trails in Cleveland Metroparks to check out, so we're both looking forward to a fall and winter of lots and lots of hiking. I'm really loving having my 101 Things written here each week, 'cause it really is helping me stay on top of it!


This Week's Goals
Run four times
Fill out my Passion Planner
Do some yoga
Keep up on schoolwork
Schedule CLEP in your planner
Hike one more Everett trail

101 this Fall:

019. Create line of dolls
057. Ride a Horse
058. Go rock climbing (outside or inside)
065. Hike all the trails in all the Metroparks of Cleveland and Summit County
066. Hike every trail in CVNP


  1. You can get through this school stuff, and get that piece of paper!

    Also, yay for being so close to finishing the trails! That's great!