Friday, December 23, 2016

Enough of your bullshit.

Today, I had to talk to my manager before I left work, because I have the next two (three!!) days off and I had to reconcile some bullshit that was entirely my doing. She was running late, so I had to do it over the phone. I prefer to do things in person, but whatever. Everything was fine and I wrapped it all up with a pretty decent apology and then we were about to say our good-byes and she said, "Merry Christmas, have a super duper merry happy Christmas of all the merries with happy, happy MERRY CHRISTMAS".

Or some similar bullshit.

It was incredibly offensive and hurtful and also fucking pointless.

She knows that I don't celebrate Christmas, a personal fact I disclosed shortly after she hired me so she would know why I wasn't wishing anyone a merry anything...ever. (Our company allows a holiday greeting, because we are owned by Christians, and I think that's fine. But they purposely hire all faiths and call themselves "inclusive," so I have my rights.) If someone wishes me anything, I just say, "Thank you." (Although she instructed me to say, "You too," but I don't.) I don't keep this a secret because I don't think belief systems have to be secret. In fact, I think it's good if we all share whatever we believe. If you know someone who differs from you in any way, it opens up your mind to tolerance or acceptance...versus everyone being super segregated. That shit don't work. I like to know whatever it is people believe, and my personal lack of belief in holidays comes up so fucking much that it's so fucking clear how homogeneous this culture is.

This isn't the first time she's said something offensive. She once made a comment to another manager and myself about MEAT, because she is a vegetarian and the two of us were talking about our lunches that included meat. So it's not entirely out of character for her.

But it's bullshit, you know?

Getting in anyone's face about anything they do that is different from you is just utter bullshit. It's being purposely assy for no reason...and no, it's not funny.

It's all about insecurity, of course. An inability to let other people be stems from insecurity. But it's just fucking bullshit. Like, my decision not to celebrate any holidays because they don't align with my personal belief systems does absolutely NOTHING to anyone else in any way. It's not a bummer (though some try to act like it is) and it has no bearing on fucking anything at all. It's like having a different favorite color. I'm just over here, liking one thing, and y'all are over there liking something else. So let it fucking be.

I haven't celebrated holidays for over 15 years now. That's a decently long amount of time. But I have to tell you, I haven't gone one fucking year in peace. I am never allowed to have my beliefs and have space in those beliefs. I am always subject to a card or a comment or an invitation or a gift that I don't want that is in direct opposition to my beliefs, and I'm so tired of it. I'm not putting it on anyone else at all. I'm just doing my thing and I would just love it if everyone else could stop with the fucking bullshit.

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