Monday, December 26, 2016


I looked at last week's list to cross some items off, and I really can't. I really didn't do much of anything. Some of that is because Adam is out of town, and I don't want to hike the trails without him, since it's a shared goal and because the weather changed in such a way that everything was totally frozen in really slick ice so getting out for a run wasn't really possible. I did some mall walking, but I just didn't get out four times. Kendra and I haven't been working out either. Which means I really need to recommit to some of my personal goals, because I am slacking. But I really don't know what I'll end up doing, because none of my coworkers seems able to work their actual schedules and I've already picked up two shifts this week, putting me at over forty hours. So basically, I'm gonna be tired as fuck. But I should still have enough time to accomplish my list, so I'm hoping I can really stick with it. AND next week is a 101 Things Update, so I'm going to gear up for that and general New Year's Resolutiony things.


This Week's Goals
Run four times
Fill out my Passion Planner (and last week and for the month...and the passion planner exercises)
Do some yoga
Sew those fucking skirts
Edit all the fucking photos!
Keep working out with Kendra
Go to the rock climbing gym!!!
Hike Mingo Trail (when Adam returns)

101 this Fall:

019. Create line of dolls
057. Ride a Horse
058. Go rock climbing (outside or inside)
065. Hike all the trails in all the Metroparks of Cleveland and Summit County

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  1. Hey Fenna...if I wasn't about to fall over from fatigue, I'd write a decent comment. Tears are pouring down my face from yawning. Like your blog. Glad you left you IG thing up. I was searching for you at Hey, I'm brain damaged. And I gave myself ANOTHER effing concussion two weeks ago. I'll blog about it. Oh yeah. I'm at Disregard the Merry Christmas in at the end of "The Ghost of Festive Lights Present."