Monday, December 19, 2016

Winding Down

A friend reminded me that the New Year is coming...which I probably should just fucking know, but retail is incredibly holiday oriented, so I've forgotten. I'm trying to plan something to do. I'd like to have a nice time with Adam, but I don't know what is really possible. All I know is that I want to do something different for New Year's.

I did not run as much as I would've liked last week, though I did run. I picked up some extra shifts at a store in Cleveland, which took up a lot of time. I didn't do yoga or work out. There are things I'd like to do, and I really need to just get into doing them. I have no real excuses...I mean, depression and being stressed out...but also laziness, which is in my control. Right now, I'm just trying to get through the week.

This Week's Goals
Run four times
Fill out my Passion Planner (and last week and for the month...and the passion planner exercises)
Do some yoga
Sew those fucking skirts
Edit all the fucking photos!
Keep working out with Kendra
Go to the rock climbing gym!!!
Hike Mingo Trail (when Adam returns)

101 this Fall:

019. Create line of dolls
057. Ride a Horse
058. Go rock climbing (outside or inside)
065. Hike all the trails in all the Metroparks of Cleveland and Summit County

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