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065. Hike all the trails in Cleveland Metroparks

Ok, so this is a pretty technical post with a massive list of all the parks and all the trails, according to the park websites. Trails we've already hiked are slashed out. Notes about all purpose and bridal trails (and how we might not include them in our goal) are included. It's a lot to read, but it definitely contains everything. I've already started crossing off trails in the parks that we've visited (though I have visited many more than Adam, we have done the entire Garfield Park Reservation already!!). This is where I'll come back and cross off trails as we hike them! I really want to knock off the majority of this list over the course of the winter and the spring. I'm thinking we take Saturdays and go to a reservation and try to hike every trail in the park. I think that would be fun!

(The mileage next to each park is the total mileage on trails and if there is a / then it's also the total mileage including the all purpose and bridal trails. The problem with most of the all purpose trails is that they parallel the road and are not necessarily scenic or difficult. The idea behind this list is to hike the trails, not necessarily hike all the mileage within the park. With that in mind, some of the bridal trails simply parallel the all purpose trail or oftentimes combine with other trails, so we may not include them. There are also some dedicated mountain biking trails that say they include hikers, but might not be ideal for hiking, so we may not hike those. Essentially, this is more about hiking the actual trails than anything else, though we'll try to include everything we can!)


The Parks and Trails :

Acacia Reservation (1.7 total miles)
--->1.7 mile loop trail

Bedford Reservation (6.9/40.8 total miles)
--->Sagamore Creek Loop trail; 3.6 miles
--->Bedford Single Track; 11 miles of one way mountain bike trail (might not hike this)
--->Hemlock Loop Trail; .8 miles
--->Egbert Loop Trail; 1.1 miles
--->Viaduct Park Loop Trail; .4 miles
--->Forbes Woods Ridge Trail; .3 miles
--->All Purpose Trail; 7.6 miles (trail that runs throughout "The Emerald Necklace", might not hike all of this)
--->Bridal Trails; 15.3 miles (available for all users)
--->Physical Fitness Trail; .7 miles

Big Creek Reservation (4.9/12.9 total miles)
--->Lake Isaac Trail; 1.2 miles
--->Memphis Picnic Area Trail; .6 miles
--->Lake to Lake Trail; 2.4 miles
--->Beyer's Pond Trail; .7 miles
--->All Purpose Trail; 8 miles (trail that runs throughout "The Emerald Necklace", might not hike all of this)

Bradley Woods Reservation (6.3 total miles)
--->Swamp Forest Loop Trail; 1 mile
--->Pin Oak Loop Trail; .8 mile
--->Cahoon Creek Loop Trail; .6 mile
--->Bunns Lake Loop Trail; .5 mile
--->Quarry Loop Trail; 2 miles
--->All Purpose Trail; 1.4 miles

Brecksville Reservation (9.25/30.15 total miles)
--->Wildflower Loop Trail; .75 miles
--->Prairie Loop Trail; .5 miles
--->Hemlock Loop Trail; 2.5 miles
--->Deerlick Cave Loop Trail; 4 miles
--->Salamander Loop Trail; 1.5 miles
--->All Purpose Trail; 9.3 miles (trail that runs throughout "The Emerald Necklace", might not hike all of this)
--->Bridal Trail Loops; .8 mile, 1.8 miles, 3.5 miles, 5.5 miles (open for hikers too)

Brookside Reservation
--->The All Purpose Trail runs through this urban park, but the mileage is unclear (as is the map...Cleveland Metroparks has a terribly website, terrible maps, and trails that are often poorly's such a bummer for such a large park system)

Euclid Creek Reservation (7.13 total miles)
--->Glenridge Loop Trail; 2.2 miles
--->Upper Highland Loop Trail; 1.1 miles
--->Rear Quarry Trail; .13 miles
--->Squirrel Run Trail; 1.2 miles
--->All Purpose Trail; 2.5 miles
--->Highland Trail Head, Welsh Woods Trail Head, and Kelly Trail Head are all marked but have no information for distance and no delineation of where they go. Maybe they extend into another park?

Garfield Park Reservation (2.4 total miles)
--->North Ravine Loop Trail; .5 mile
--->Cattail Trail; .2 mile
--->Meadow Trail; .1 mile
--->Ridge Top Trail; .4 mile
--->Iron Springs Loop Trail; 1.2 miles
--->Garfield Park Nature Center Trail Head, Old Boating Pond Trail Head, Trolley Turn Trail Head, Old Birch Trail Head; Again, all these trail heads are listed on the map with no other information. And I know for a fact they don't connect to any other parks, because this metropark doesn't connect to anything else. Cleveland Metroparks needs to get their shit together, honestly.

Hinckley Reservation (8.1/17.4 total miles)
--->Hinckley Hills Loop Trail; 2.5 miles
--->Hinckley Lake Loop Trail; 3.4 miles
--->Whipp's Ledges Loop Trail; 1.2 miles
--->Worden's Ledges Loop Trail; 1 mile
--->Bridal Trail; 6.0 miles (open to hikers, but we might not include this trail)
--->All Purpose Trail; 3.3 miles (this trail essentially follows the lake trail, so we probably won't include it)
--->Spillway Trail Head, Hinckley Hills Trail Head, Whipp's Ledges Trail Head, Boathouse Trail Head, Worden Ledges Trail Head...I have FINALLY figured out what these weird trail heads are all about! They are the spots by which you can access the trails in any given park. However, because the Cleveland Metroparks is poorly organized, many of the trail heads share nothing in common with the name of the trail. I will stop listing them from now on.

Huntington Reservation (2.4 total miles)
--->Porter Creek Trail; .25 mile
--->Hemlock Loop Trail; .5 mile
--->Songbird Loop Trail; .25 mile
--->Fox Squirrel Loop Trail; .4 mile
--->Ravine Connector; .1 mile
--->Bunny Trail; .1 mile
--->All Purpose Trail; .8 mile (might connect to other parks, so could be fun to start here and hike somewhere else)
--->This park is a good example of the inanity of the Cleveland Metroparks. They have two trails that are 500 feet! How is that even a trail? I'm all for green space, and I don't have a short loop that many people can do and might show off an interesting natural feature. But sometimes, you just gotta stop, get rid of the "trail," and let nature be.

Lakefront Reservation
--->Edgewater Park; no specific trails, but areas to walk along the lake shore
--->Euclid Beach Park; no specific trails, but areas to walk along the lake shore
--->Gordon Park; appears to have no trails, it's pretty unclear what this park is all about
--->Rivergate Park; somewhere in the Flats, appears to have no trails but might be connected to other trails
--->Whiskey Island; no specific trails, but possible the location of the old Coastguard Tower

Millstream Run Reservation (12.6/30.5 total miles)
--->Yellow trail; 3.53 miles bike or hike
--->Red Trail; 5.49 miles bike or hike
--->Sugar Bush Trail; 1.18 miles
--->South Quarry Loop Trail; 1.1 miles
--->Music Mound Loop Trail; .3 mile
--->Butterfly Trail; .4 mile
--->Bonnie Park Loop Trail; .6 mile
--->All Purpose Trail; 8.9 miles (might not include this...the all purpose trails usually just run alongside the road ways and aren't necessarily particularly scenic...but maybe we could get our bikes out when it warms up)
--->Bridal Trail; 9.0 miles (this one pretty much parallels the all purpose trail, so it doesn't make sense to do both)

North Chagrin Reservation (12.35/26.85 total miles)
--->Castle Valley Trail; 2.25 miles
--->Hemlock Trail; 1.75 miles
--->Hickory Fox Loop Trail; 1.6 miles
--->Scenic Loop Trail; 1.6 miles
--->Sanctuary Marsh Loop Trail; .4 mile
--->Squire's Lane Trail; .75 mile
--->Buttermilk Falls Loop Trail; .6 mile
--->White Pine Loop Trail; 1 mile
--->Overlook Trail; .4 mile
--->Sylvan Loop Trail; 1.25 miles
--->Wildlife Management Loop Trail; .75 mile
--->All Purpose Trail; 4.2 miles
--->Bridal Trails; 1.4 miles, 4.5 miles, 4.4 miles

Ohio and Erie Canal Reservation (2.9/8.9 total miles)
--->Six Mile Flats Loop Trail; .3 mile
--->The Lower 40 Loop Trail; .6 mile
--->Mountain Bike Trail; 2 miles (possibly open to walkers, not sure)
--->Tow Path/All Purpose Trail; a little over 6 miles total, connecting the park to the rest of the towpath or to the rest of the all purpose trail. We have already done part of this and could conceivably plan a bicycling trip on the all-purpose trail.

Rocky River Reservation (9.4/37.8 total miles)
--->Scenic Park Loop Trail; .7 mile
--->River Overlook Loop Trail; .3 mile
--->Morley Ford Loop Trail; .6 mile
--->Spring Wildflower Loop Trail; .3 mile
--->Mastick Woods Loop Trail; .4 mile
--->Cottonwood Loop Trail; .8 mile
--->All Purpose Trail; 13+ miles (this runs alongside the road and might not really be fun to hike)
--->Bridal Trails; 12.1 miles, 2.1 miles, 1.2 miles
--->Mount Pleasant Loop Trail; 1.5 miles
--->Shepherd Lane Trail; .2 mile
--->Wildlife Management Loop Trail; 1.5 miles
--->West Channel Pond Loop Trail; .5 mile
--->Fort Hill Loop Trail; 1.3 miles
--->Woodland Loop Trail; .3 mile
--->Cedar Point Loop Trail; .4 mile
--->Lagoon Loop Trail; .6 mile

South Chagrin Reservation (8.4/30.8 total miles)
--->Blue Heron Trail; 1.6 miles
--->Chagrin Overlook Loop Trail; .8 mile
--->Look About Lodge Loop Trail; .9 mile
--->Persing Trail; .7 mile
--->Sulphur Springs Loop Trail; 1.1 mile
--->Squaw Rock Loop Trail; .6 mile
--->Shelterhouse Loop Trail; .7 mile
--->Forest Loop Trail; .8 mile
--->Hatchet Ridge Trail; .8 mile
--->Quarry Rock Loop Trail; .4 mile
--->All Purpose Trail; 7.1 miles (again, follows the road, so might not do this)
--->Bridal Trail; 15.3 total miles (sometimes parallels or combines with other trails...may do these)

Washington Reservation
--->This park is mostly a golf course and a couple of memorials, though it does have 2.77 miles of all purpose trails that connect to other metroparks. It's worth a visit and maybe a short hike.

West Creek Reservation
--->This map is really unclear, though the park appears to have a few trails. We'll have to visit to assess further.

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