Tuesday, January 17, 2017

081. Race across Scotland

Item .081 on my 101 Things to do in 1001 Days list is to "Look into that race across Scotland," which I committed to doing this winter/spring in order to continue accomplishing my list!

So first, let me tell you about the race : It's a 105 mile, two-day "race," across the Scottish Highlands, from coast to coast. It is meant to be done with a partner. It is a challenging race with an elite challenge to finish in one day. The longest run is 14 miles and the longest ride is just under 50 miles, while the kayaking isn't very much distance at all. To me, because of the cycling, it seems incredibly doable. It's possible to do the race alone, but not encouraged. Despite it appearing doable, I know I'd still need a minimum of two years training to learn my abilities on a bicycle and also to save up for the cost of the race.

I would not have to bring my own bike, as they have a partnership with a cycle center to rent a bike when I arrive for the race. Though I would have to figure out food, camping gear, and all the equipment needed to do a race with three elements. Some of the cycling is off-road, which affects the plan as well. But it looks really fun and really doable.

I found a couple of reviews of the race online. The best one is essentially a blog post inside a forum. It's incredibly helpful in letting me understand the times I need to make to really be able to finish the race and what to expect for elevation changes and terrain. It is clearly a mountainous race, which would make me incredibly slow (as of now), but I think there is time to really practice.

Consider this item ticked off my list, and consider this race added to my bucket list!

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