Monday, January 9, 2017

Weekly Thang

Well, I received my first subjective grade of this session, and just like so many others it was entirely unrelated to the work I put in and totally related to the butthurt feelings of my professor who wants me to bow down to the hierarchy of authority, something I won't do. I don't know how I'm going to make it through the next two months of this bullshit...but I have decided not to check on my grades or read any feedback from my professors. All it does is stress me out and it NEVER helps change my grades or the instructor. I have, in the past, sent e-mails asking for better grades because I do work that warrants fair grading, but the professor always has some excuse about how they "graded according to the rubric". The truth is, professors want easy students who bow down to the hierarchy of educational authority, which I am never going to do. Being a teacher doesn't make someone smarter or better than me nor does it make someone infallible, and it's a fucked up world if a teacher thinks they are infallible just because because they are a teacher. I have to get through this session, but I don't have to engage in the same behavior I have in the past.

I pretty much accomplished my goals for last week. I didn't run on Friday because it was super cold, so I went for a hike instead. I did run on Saturday, despite the prolonged cold, and I made my long run goal for the week. We did hike the Mingo trail which is poorly marked and I found it to be an annoying trail that I hope never to hike again. I had wanted to hike all the trails in one metropark on Saturday, but the cold and my general level of exhaustion resulted in my sleeping for most of the day and then all of us went out for a movie. It was awesome. I have started working on my longer to do list, things that I write about in my planner...just taking the ten fucking minutes required to complete one little task I've wanted to complete for months. It feels good, even if I just accomplish two things. I'm just trying, little by little.


This Week's Goals
Run four times
Do some yoga
Sew those fucking skirts
Edit all the fucking photos!
Keep working out with Kendra
Go to the rock climbing gym!!!
Hike Bradley Woods
Stress less about school, it's not even fucking worth it

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