Monday, February 27, 2017

Sh*t's been a while since I did these weekly to do lists. I think it's to do with ditching college. It has now officially ended, I certainly have received my failing grades. I sent a message to my "academic advisor" (I use the term very loosely), letting her know I was never taking classes there again. I also told her not to reply, since I filter all her messages to delete. (I'm tempted to check my trash.) So, THAT SHIT IS DONE! I have no back-up plans. College will happen when it does or maybe I'll have a philosophical epiphany and never go back. I have no idea. But I sort of let everything go for a while when I let college go. My planner is woefully empty of even vacationy things and this blog has lacked a bit. I think I'm over my slump (maybe), at least enough to write a to do list for this week!

Photo Jan 20, 3 36 13 PM

To Do This Week

01. Get back into running
02. Bank those travel blog posts (and others)
03. Work out with Kendra
04. Unpack
05. Reorganize shit
06. Edit photos
07. Sew something

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