Wednesday, March 8, 2017

International Women's Day

In response to this incredibly annoying and pointless day, I took to Instagram to post three nude selfies of my backside. Alternately wishing you a Happy International GO FUCK YOURSELF Day and a Happy International HERE'S MY ASS Day! Where I mocked using social media posts to promote what is ultimately a pointless "holiday". And really, is this what we want? Take time to reflect on the history of Black History Month and that month's continued futility and possible encouraging of racism. Also, consider that there in fact is an International Men's Day. It's enough to make an educated, rational person, realize the futility of giving women JUST ONE DAY OUT OF THE YEAR!

Realizing that calling out a problem without providing a solution, I posted the final picture of my ass and a solution, which I will now write here, verbatim. (If you want to see the posts in all their glory, I'm "fennaramatron" on Instagram.)

One final shot of my ass (with a very deep desert road heading into the distance) to wish you a Happy TODAY IS MEANINGLESS BUT YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE Day. Never one to call out a problem without a solution, so here it goes :


1. DEMAND transparency of pay rates at work. This is the only proven way to effectively fight the wage gap. Don't skip work, instead GO TO WORK, march up to the boss's office, and demand published pay scales. Fight Human Resources excuses! Ask your coworkers to join you. It's legal and so is unionizing. This is good for everyone!

2. GET EDUCATED! If you think Trump is burning down the world, you have a poor understanding of the American government AND how the media works. Get better news and better answers and get off the street! Your march is not an impeachment trial! Go talk to your local congressman and get your friends and enemies involved!

3. GET INVOLVED! Women aren't in power and do you know why BECAUSE WOMEN AREN'T IN POWER! Go get a promotion. Go run a Bible Study and teach everyone about how Jesus loved women! (Christianity is in power in the U.S.) RUN FOR OFFICE!!! Your town, your state, OUR GOVERNMENT NEEDS MORE WOMEN IN POWER! The only way to get that is if you become an actual girl boss and run for office or become CEO of a Fortune 500 company and lobby for equality.

Literally, nothing else you do (besides maybe raising girl children to do this) will have any impact whatsoever. We don't need to march or to "stick together" or hold hands and be friends or post on social media or abandon our jobs for a day. WE NEED TO FIGHT THOSE IN POWER OF INEQUALITY WITH THE SAME TOOLS THEY USE. Nothing else matters. If you actually care, then do something.

I'd like to add to #3, that you can become a supervisor, look at everyone's pay, and then give raises to the women who deserve it.

I'd also like to add that I am currently not employed and am an anarchist who will never run for office (though I am educated). I am not personally invested in fighting against sexism in any life but my own, and I fight that with my own personally subversive behavior. (In much the same way I fight racism.) So in response to my own final paragraph, I don't actually care...but I am a nosy bitch who cares way too much about how you waste your time and also the annoying shit you post on social media. Oh how I would've LOVED to see a bunch of posts about women choosing to run for office or taking an active stand about the wage gap, instead of meaningless fucking quotes.

Finally, I fully understand the irony of using social media to mock people on social media. I know I don't have a large following and this may reach few people, but I hope that it reaches at least one person who stops futile behavior and affects actual change. At the end of the day, I do have a voice, and I am just trying to use it.

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