Friday, April 14, 2017


This week has been an interesting and difficult week for me. I have completely abandoned all of the providers I had for prenatal care and made contact with a new provider...but no appointment has been set, which makes me nervous. I went to a support group for pregnant moms that definitely had many more recent moms than pregnant moms. I kind of took over the discussion with my prenatal care woes, but it was good. I think they allowed me to derail the group because they saw I needed it. I had the first of five appointments with the Cleveland Clinic Center for Autism, and I hope I am on the right path to figuring out what the fuck is wrong with me.

In the back of my mind, I wanted to write the second maternity post, to follow up from the first. I awoke at 5a this morning, from crazy dreams, with a million thoughts in my head. I had hoped some of those thoughts would come out in my second maternity post. But it's just not gonna happen. This week has been helpful and productive and incredibly difficult and draining. I feel like I have no more energy to share personal information about myself...AND I'm supposed to go hang out with friends all day today!

But I wanted to write SOMETHING in this space, if for no other reason than to remind myself that I have thoughts I want to record and I will do so. If for no other reason than to avoid yet another week with just my to do list. (Which I'm killing, by the way.) I just needed to write SOMETHING, even though it's not really much of anything.

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