Monday, May 29, 2017

The list goes on...

Last week, I had a fairly massive goal to accomplish; sew ALL the dolls. In order to accomplish this, I had to sew 8.5 dolls per day, which put me at a goal of 10 per day so I could finish before the weekend. I came really close! I have two types of dolls; fancy and not fancy. I finished all the dolls that aren't fancy and put a small dent in the fancy dolls. The fancy dolls take about three times as long, especially since some of them are going to specific girls and the goal is to make them look like those girls (so I include a face, which I don't on all my other dolls). I spent HOURS sewing, which really did not entirely help the rest I was giving myself due to the strained butt muscle that's been bugging me for a while. It was a lot of hard work and it was pretty tedious and not really fun, but I was determined! So I have about ten dolls left, I think. Which means I can sew two per day and finish this week, which is the goal.

Maybe you're thinking, "Who the fuck cares about this in depth analysis of sewing 50 fucking dolls?" Well, I do. I started this line of dolls maybe even two years ago. A friend made a request and then I thought the dolls would be a great addition to Larry and Boo's Emporium, and so I bought all the fabric and made all the patterns and just NOTHING happened. I wasn't motivated and I was always occupied with a million other things. But I'm not participating in the business anymore, mainly because I really hate sewing on a mass production level. And this is the last item I've had waiting to be finished for the business. Once these dolls are done, I have a handful of personal projects and then I am giving my machine to my mom and I am not sewing for a while. (I'll always be a sewer and always want to sew my own things, but I'm ready for a break.) Sewing projects have been hanging over my head for years. Several projects have been given up due to lack of time or desire to finish them. It's one of those hobbies that started to feel like a burden, which makes it a pretty pointless hobby. So I'm glad to be winding down to the end of my massive list of sewing projects...ready to move on!

Like to that massive list of craft projects I have to do, many of which aren't even for myself. I plan on attacking that list with the same dedication I was finally able to give to the doll project. I'm just ready to stop having shit piled up around my house, waiting for me to take care of it. I'm so fucking tired of all these projects, especially ones that aren't even for me. I want to free up my physical space and my mental space to take on things I WANT TO DO and not things I feel obligated to do...even if they are projects I wanted to do at one point that have now just taken years to accomplish. It's just not fun, you know?


This week :

01. Run/walk four times
02. Go swimming...or just do something gym-like
03. Bank those travel blog posts (and others)
04. Sew ALL the dolls!
05. Make Facebook posts
06. Keep up with planner
07. Create massive to do list of all crafty projects
08. Get on that Tarot life!
09. Update 101 Things
10. Get your Care profile together
11. Make those Craigslist ads

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