Sunday, June 25, 2017


This week, I'm going on a little trip to Cincinnati to visit a couple friends and go swimming in a HUGE POOL!!!

Posting on a Sunday, 'cause adventuring is gonna take me out of town Monday!

So, obviously my MAIN goal is to have fun in Cincy. But I also have to keep working on other stuff. July is not very far away, and I still need to finish all my sewing projects...which should've been done by now. 'Cause I also have to make cloth diapers and also maybe a diaper bag. So, I gotta keep on that list!


This week :

01. Run/walk four times
02. Go swimming...or just do something gym-like
03. Bank those travel blog posts (and others)
04. Sew ALL the dolls! <--- Sewing machine broke, so I couldn't
---> 04a. STUFF all the dolls!
05. Keep up with planner
06. Figure out game plan for big poster boards of photos
07. Finish up that profile
08. Edit ALL the photos
09. Stay on maternity blog posts
10. Get photos off phone
11. Continue with organizing your hard drives
12. Cut out pants
13. Shop for cloth diaper fabric

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