Monday, July 24, 2017


Last week, I made this to do list and I had NOTHING else on my plate, and I just fucking CRUSHED it! So I got ambitious toward the end of the week and started writing out EVERYTHING. But I have more commitments this week, and oftentimes, I find that my energy can go from really high and dedicated to lower and less gumption. I'm hoping not to have a totally "meh" sort of week, because I'm just really feeling getting things done.

I'm in this mode right now, where I'm really trying to clean out my life. I am a minimalist, at least to some degree (I sort of feel like maybe that's a claim I can't make while I also OWN STUFF), and I do try to keep all my things down...but I'm just not always successful. I think preparing for Smashface, I just keep thinking about the physical aspects of having a baby. Slowing down now, but also, the healing process required afterward. It's AMAZING to me what women's bodies go through and how our culture treats it like it's no big deal and just, like, you know, get up and walk it off! But I really want to prepare to allow my body to heal. I also think about the emotional and mental aspects of having a baby, the common issues I read about women having, the way we can struggle with schedules and breastfeeding and feeling loss of identity, and just ALL THE THINGS. But I want to prepare myself for that too. I want to set myself up for success, so to speak. I've been doing that by remaining active, and I've been letting go of relationships that don't work, and now I want to get rid of all the projects I have that sit on my shelves, waiting for me to do them ... AND ALSO ... all the supplies I keep around to get crafty. I want to really get rid of it all, as much as possible, to empty out the clutter on my shelves and in my life.

This is why I'm trying to go for it this week and be really aggressive with my list!!! I'm also cool with not finishing all of it and letting it roll over, because this might be THE LIST.


This week :

01. Walk four times, do yoga
02. Buy things for around the house
03. Laundry
04. Goodwill for disposable wardrobe (post baby, I guess there are lots of fluids)
05. Figure out game plan for big poster boards of photos
06. Edit Karina
07. Organize books
08. Clean floor, including under bed and in closet
09. Organize baby stuff
10. Organize art stuff and clean out
11. Package Christen's doll
12. Package Narissa's dolls
13. Find Snappis
14. Call Wooster doctor
15. Package Kinsey's artwork and memory card
16. Hang artwork on walls
17. Price frames for unframed artwork
18. Price printing Emily's artwork
19. Redo inspiration bulletin board
20. Call Dr. Hooper for meet and greet
21. Organize Closet
22. Look up folds for newborns
23. Find size 2 Thirsties
24. Package up art supplies for Margaret
25. Blog posts
26. Sanitize and organize bottles
27. Barberton tour
28. Travel blog posts
29. Sew cloth diaper covers
30. Stuff with/for Adam

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