Sunday, July 2, 2017

Keep doing shit

I was doing really well last week until every one of our sewing machines broke at one time. But now I have a new sewing machine and I can get back on track just at the right time when my sewing projects grew! So this is a week that's all about trying to get shit done in the middle of going to a million doctor appointments. It should be fun...ish. Whatever. Gotta keep doing shit.

This week :

01. Run/walk four times
02. Bank those travel blog posts (and others)
03. Sew ALL the dolls!
04. Keep up with planner
05. Figure out game plan for big poster boards of photos
06. Finish up that profile
07. Edit ALL the photos
08. Stay on maternity blog posts
09. Get photos off phone
10. Continue with organizing your hard drives
11. Cut out pants
12. Cut out all cloth diaper stuffs
13. Find Snappis
14. Make those fucking phone calls
15. Finish restoring those cross stitch projects

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