Monday, August 14, 2017

Hardcore Nesting?

Ahhhh....waiting to write a blog post until later in the day, and having a day full of errands and energy, means knocking more off my to do list!!!

I'm feeling that nesting vibe, I guess. Not really sure. Some call it nesting, but this is the kind of person I've always been. It's just that in the past, instead of knocking stuff off my to do list and NOT adding more...I've always added more. I've always added hanging out with friends and going somewhere and making something and doing something. But now, I'm just NOT doing that. Instead, I'm checking things off the list and watching it dwindle and enjoying the bliss of having nothing new to add on. Although, I supposed I could add "deliver this baby," and that would be a kind of massive item to do, right!? But I think that post-delivery, my to do list will grow again, so if I get a week or three days with NOTHING to do, then that's kind of awesome.


This week :

01. Walk four-ish times, do yoga
02. Laundry, especially bedding
03. Put animals back in chest
04. Figure out game plan for big poster boards of photos
05. Swiffer bedroom floor
06. Call Wooster doctor
07. Price frames for unframed artwork
08. Look up folds for newborns
09. Find size 2 Thirsties
10. Blog posts
11. Sanitize and organize bottles
12. Travel blog posts
13. Install car seat
14. Rip some more CDs
15. Clean off desk

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