Sunday, August 6, 2017

Home stretch...

I'm really pleased with what I accomplished on my list last week. I didn't finish everything, but I finished all the tasks that are actual work. All the sewing IS DONE!!! (Mom is gonna do the last velcro tabs on the cloth diaper covers.) All of the photo editing is done. I've also cleaned out all my craft supplies and organized the closet. Which means, this week, Adam can help me move out some furniture I don't need and I can organize the last couple of things I have around my room...get it all cleaned up. I also had a hand from a friend this week...she noticed I had some things on my list that I kept NOT checking off, so she bought me some Snappis! I totally appreciate it. I've been interviewing pediatricians (awful) and had an emergency vet visit (cat is fine) and been sewing, so I haven't had time to sit down and do a lot of the internet searching I had on my list. But this week, since I don't have to sew for HOURS any day (or edit photos), I can have some quality internet time!!!!


This week :

01. Walk four-ish times, do yoga
02. Laundry, especially bedding
03. Disposable wardrobe - last items!!!
04. Figure out game plan for big poster boards of photos
05. Clean out sewing supplies
06. Organize books
07. Mail packages
08. Deliver ALL THE THINGS to Margaret
09. Scrub bedroom floor
10. Call Wooster doctor
11. Hang artwork on walls
12. Price frames for unframed artwork
13. Move furniture
14. Look up folds for newborns
15. Find size 2 Thirsties
16. Blog posts
17. Sanitize and organize bottles
19. Travel blog posts
20. Install car seat
21. Rip some more CDs

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