Sunday, August 20, 2017

Maternity Retrospective

Since my due date was yesterday (not that due dates are appointments anyway), and I had already been thinking about this, I figured it was time to post the retrospective of all of my naked frolics during my pregnancy! Conception was probably mid-November, so I'm including photos from November 26 up until the week before last, when I did maternity pics with Adam. (Which I might post later.) I had a TON more in the beginning than the end, which is probably more unusual. Lots of women record their "bumps" week by week and I didn't really care to do that. I was happy to get to the point where I could feel Smashface, because then I could forget about what week it was. Prior to that, I felt like I HAD to keep track and HAD to KNOW...but once I could feel Smashface, that was all I needed to know. Also, since Adam went to the island, I did fewer naked frolic shoots, in general.

Being pregnant has been an interesting journey. My main fear was that people would want to touch me and ask invasive questions and be in my business...which hasn't really happened. If anything, I've really reached out more than I expected because medical care has been so fucking atrocious. The fact that I haven't really engaged in social activity has probably helped. Only a few people have been a little too nosy for my tastes...and really, they've acted totally normal. Mostly, people just ask, "How are you feeling," like a lot. I wasn't really nervous about what would happen with my body. Despite the medical community trying to shame me and scare me into believing I'd get some awful complication of pregnancy due to being fat, I knew that wouldn't happen. I kept running until I finished a half marathon at 13 weeks. When I had to stop running, a little earlier than I wanted, but I stayed active. I ate well, and I trusted my body. In some ways, my body has changed more than I expected, and in some ways, it's changed less than I've expected.

Sometimes, being pregnant feels like the most normal thing ever. Like, it just happens, you can't really stop it (unless you wanted to), and it just keeps going. You just do what you do. I don't know if women with "complicated" pregnancies would feel the same way. In some ways, it feels really cool and special. I mean, at least half of the population can never get pregnant, ever. It's not possible for them, and it's cool that it's possible for us. In some ways, it's been really hard. Hormones change shit up on the regular and nothing has been "normal" for a while. Now, I feel like the scariest and most exciting part is coming up and I'm just waiting...a lot of waiting.

In honor of the last few days (or weeks) of waiting, here is a photo from every naked frolic I've had throughout the pregnancy. They're in chronological order. Not all of them feature the belly, because there was a lot of time in the beginning when there was no belly...and then it was like, IMPORTANT to feature the belly!














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