Monday, August 21, 2017

Very little to do...

Smashface was due Saturday, and it's Monday...this is not a big surprise at all. Babies come sort of whenever and due dates are little more than guesses, honestly. I'm basically straight chilling. Walking gets me sore pretty quickly. Swimming means changing into a swimsuit, which I don't wanna do anymore. Sitting in one spot for too long is uncomfortable. My whole goal in life is to do little tasks at a time and then take a break! LOTS of breaks, very little work...and just...WAIT...WAIT...WAIT...WAIT...

But I still have some tasks to do, so I still have a list. Everything is clean and ready to go, just one or two little things here and there...and staying on top of longer term long as they are not too physically intensive. I also have a small list of things to buy that I'm going to put at the end of the list. 'Cause at least one of them, I'm still trying to find on eBay or Facebook Marketplace or something. And the others, it's just down to budget!


This week :

01. Walk, do yoga
02. Scan poster board photos and save on hard drives
03. Price frames for unframed artwork
04. Look up folds for newborns
05. Blog posts
06. Sanitize and organize bottles
07. Travel blog posts
08. Install car seat
09. Rip some more CDs
10. Continue organizing music folder
11. Post more albums to Facebook

To Buy at some point :

01. Size 2 Thirsties (at least three, ideally not full price)
02. Teepee Play Center
03. Passion Planner : Academic Edition
04. Pay off Torrid

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