Sunday, September 24, 2017

101 Things to do in 1001 Days

I have FINALLY finished this round of 101 Things to do in 1001 Days. I don't foresee having a larger success rate on this one, because I have a LOT of items that cost money...and some of my travel goals cost A LOT of money. But fuck it! This is my list right now, and I'm just gonna roll with it. View all 101 Things posts.

Start : September 24, 2017
Finish : June 21, 2020

Travel Goals :
001. See Lake Superior
002. Travel to remaining five states
003. See the Northern Lights
004. Road trip Hwy 1
006. Go to Puerto Rico
007. Plan UK trip
008. Plan Romania Trip
009. Plan Norway Trip
010. Go on UK, Romania, or Norway Trip
011. Visit Bella
012. Visit Prince Edward Island
013. Visit Pelee Island
014. Visit the U.P.

Private Goals :
015.- 034.

Blog/Social Media Goals :
035. Grow IG following to 5000
036. Grow FB likes to 5000
037. Try one monetizing option
038. Write and publish all End Self-Hate posts
039. Write and publish all labor/delivery/etc. posts
040. Maintain Fat Tuesdays more consistently

Tattoo Related :
041. Finish right tattoo sleeve
042. Get race tattoos
043. Plan Moby Dick tattoo
044. Plan Taylor Swift tattoo

Running/Active Goals :
045. Run one more marathon
046. Run two half marathons every year
047. Camp for at least three days
048. Go on backpacking trip (3 or more days)
049. Go fishing
050. Ride a horse
051. Go rock climbing (outside or inside)
052. Hike all the trails in all the Metroparks of Cleveland
053. Go kayaking
054. Ride bike 100 miles
055. Train for an Ultra
056. Figure out section hiking the Appalachian Trail
057. Begin training to hike the Appalachian Trail
058. Run Honolulu Marathon
059. Participate in a Triathlon event
060. Learn how to meditate
061. Learn one stupidly complex yoga pose

Things to Make :
062. Make a vegetable garden
063. Make baby blanket/snuggy/thing
064. Make cloth wings
065. Create album of first year for Adam
066. Create European Tour albums
067. Print European Tour albums
068. Use Chat Books for recording Taran
069. Maintain Passion Planner for first year of Taran’s life
070. Make high-waisted panties
071. Make a bra
072. Make a jacket with buttons
073. Make pants with fly
074. Make family trees for me
075. Create coat of arms for me
076. Make a quilt
077. Make croissants from scratch
078. Make homemade jelly
079. Make biscuits from scratch
080. Learn how to can vegetables

Places to go :
081. Attend another Renaissance Festival
082. Attend another Comic-Con
083. Attend a tattoo convention
084. Go to Muster on the Maumee
085. Go to Haunted Mine in Dayton
086. Go to Moonville Tunnel
087. Take Adam to Kennywood
088. See Cleveland Symphony Orchestra in Severance Hall

Miscellaneous :
089. Contact Cleveland Clinic Patient Experience Board about experiences as an autistic adult
090. Get a dog
091. Grow hair out
092. Donate hair
093. Buy no new books (in English) until library has been read
094. Take first steps to creating scholarship fund for animal hospital
095. Buy new cowboy boots
096. Lie under the stars with Adam
097. Get back to investigating genealogy
098. Find (and maybe buy) a suitable camper/mobile home
099. Speak Spanish to Taran
100. Print Emily’s photos
101. Watch these six movies with Adam :
--------->Apocalypse Now, On the Waterfront , Barry Lyndon, Rebel Without, Casablanca, Charlie Chaplin
005. Create that database!


  1. What a list! I tried to make a 30 things before 30 list this year and I couldn't think of more than ten things...and a lot of those were filler!

    1. Sometimes, it takes me a while to think of things to add. This one took me about a week, but my first took me about a month. I think of the travel section as filler because I really can't afford any of it...but since I do actually want to travel, I still count it...I just know it won't get done!