Thursday, November 2, 2017

Baby Boy IV

Dear Baby Boy,

Just a few days ago, you hit your official two months, and here I am writing MORE! It seems things are always ever changing with you.

Yesterday was vaccination day. I had been looking forward to this day, viewing it as your suit of armor against all the dangerous germs of the world. Prior to your vaccinations, I was basically terrified of everyone, thinking they might carry the single bug that might take you down. I had hoped vaccinations would make me feel so much better and also give us permission to go more places!

It was somewhat good and somewhat bad. On one hand, I DO feel better. On the other hand, our "rules of engagement" still haven't really changed. We're gonna continue keeping you away from the general population because of the danger of germs on someone so small.


Except, you AREN'T small anymore. You weight in at 14lbs 3oz at your doctor's visit. You're getting SO BIG that I even had to change your clothes from 0-3mos to 3-6mos...a month early! Maybe you're going to end up tall and big like your Uncle Ryan or your Uncle Mike. I guess time will tell.

Vaccination Day was kind of hard. The needles they used for the three shots you needed seemed WAY TOO LONG! When the nurse stuck you, you screamed and then cried and it broke my heart. I almost cried, but I held in my tears...even though the nurse said it would be ok to cry. (Some of my friends have told me they cried when their children were vaccinated.) Later that day, you had a fever...another milestone. It was less scary than our first trip to the ER. I called the nurse hotline, got the info I needed, bought some Tylenol, gave that to you, and then everything was fine. Your fever went down and finally broke overnight. I was very proud at how I handled it and you really didn't seem bothered at all, honestly.

You are such a chill little person who rarely fusses or cries.

You're also starting to grab onto things with your tiny hands and you're starting to hold your head up sometimes. All of this change in such a short time, and I'm really not ready for it, honestly. But you're healthy and happy and everything is going so well, which makes me and your dad very happy too!

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