Monday, November 27, 2017

Baby Boy V

Dear Baby Boy,


You are three months old and we are trucking along. You don't really have a schedule, but we do have a bit of a rhythm. You're adorably fat and also so happy all the time. You fuss or cry so rarely.

Things you are doing :
Laughing a lot
Spitting up a a fucking fountain
Twisting and turning when on the floor
Holding your head up pretty well
Sleeping all the way through the night, like so much

You have been held by many more people, including Gramma, Papa Murph, Uncle Ryan, Uncle Zach, Uncle Mike, and Aunt Amber. You have also been held by many friends and coworkers and licked by two dogs.

Life is good, Baby Boy.


Hey Mama,

Instead of writing your stuff in the Baby Boy letters, I'm gonna start writing letters to you (to you, from you) just below!

What's new? Well, your anxiety and depression seemed to have subsided...just in time for you to FINALLY get an appointment. It's such a load of bullshit, honestly. Took you over two weeks to finally see someone and now you're feeling like maybe you don't need to see anyone. (You're still going to go.) You're not even done, though, 'cause you still don't have a therapist...and the one you tried never returned your calls. Whatever. Mental health in the U.S. is fucked.

You feel much, much more comfortable with Baby Boy, and much less fearful. But you're not totally great. It took you until just this past week to get out of that recliner. You and Baby Boy have had three successful, consecutive nights sleeping together with Dad-O in the family bed. (Who knew you'd end up with a family bed?!) Hopefully, this trend sticks. It's not so much more comfortable, since you still wake up quite a lot and check on Baby Boy, but it is just a better situation. Baby Boy has totally taken to it and it seems your fears and night wakings are probably anxiety related.

You have successfully had breakfast at a cafe with some friends and their son, taken a whole day to meet friends and family away from home, and you are able to leave home and leave Baby Boy with Dad-O while you run errands (or go work in a coffee shop) and go for runs. You are still unable to take Baby Boy outside because of the cooler temps, but I'm sure you'll solve that problem eventually...and if not, it won't cause harm to Baby Boy to spend his first winter indoors.

You're still adjusting to getting up and getting out and you are not always successful, but since the babe-o has reached an age that you've handled as a nanny, you're feeling much, much better about this whole deal. Also, Adam is pretty good too!

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