Monday, November 6, 2017

Weekly thing...

Three weeks between to do lists is no big deal, right? We're just at that age where baby boy doesn't REALLY have a schedule and I feel like I wake up every day and try to figure out what is happening and how I can fit in my life. Sometimes, I want to blog and then sometimes I actually do blog. I figure, if I just keep trying, then I will eventually get on some sort of schedule. HOPEFULLY!


This week :

01. Walk, do yoga
02. Scan poster board photos and save on hard drives
03. Price frames for unframed artwork
04. Blog posts
05. Travel blog posts
06. Rip some more CDs
07. Post more albums to Facebook
08. Begin Moby Dick
09. WEBSITE(s)
10. Begin database
11. Figure out Upworks

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