Monday, December 18, 2017

Gearing up for the New Year...

Lately, I really feel like I have not been able to focus at all. I feel like I have nothing going on and somehow, I'm struggling to accomplish it all. I mentioned this to mom today, and she said that she thought I had so much going on that she was surprised I was on top of it. So then I felt less like a crazy, unproductive person.

The New Year is always a big time for me. Partially 'cause I'm gearing up for my birthday in January (40 this year!) and partially because I love goal setting and all that, it's just a big time for me. I LOVE setting goals and looking back at my year and trying to catch up.

With all that in mind, THIS week, I'm gonna do my usual to do list (which has grown by a lot) AND I'm gonna do an update of my 1001 Things. So let's get that goal setting going!


This week :

01. Run, do skip yoga
02. Scan poster board photos and save on hard drives
03. Price frames for unframed artwork
04. Blog posts
05. Travel blog posts
06. Rip some more CDs
07. Post more albums to Facebook
08. Begin Moby Dick
09. Begin database
10. Choose newborn photos and print
11. Put together shadow box
12. Touch up bedroom paint
13. Take passport photos
14. Make marathon training plan
15. Plan road trip and budget
16. Hang artwork
17. Keep planner up to date
18. Continue to back up and organize all your digital shit
19. Make photo books for first three months
20. Being that other revolutionary project


101 Things Update

039. Write and publish all labor/delivery/etc. posts
---> See all of them here!
088. See Cleveland Symphony Orchestra in Severance Hall
--->Bought tickets for my birthday!!!!

To complete in January:
007. Plan UK trip
008. Plan Romania Trip
009. Plan Norway Trip

17, 18, 20, 21, 27 Private

060. Learn how to meditate
061. Learn one stupidly complex yoga pose

089. Contact Cleveland Clinic Patient Experience Board about experiences as an autistic adult

Not doing:
063. Make baby blanket/snuggy/thing --->Turns out, they are fairly unnecessary

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