Monday, January 22, 2018

So behind...

I definitely did only ONE ITEM from last week, so clearly I need to get on that. But first, a story...

So, I think one of the reasons I love New Year's and making resolutions is because January is my birth month. Birthdays seem to be a natural time to look back on your life or your year and think about what you liked and what you didn't least that's how I feel. So I start to look at who I am around New Year's and continue that reflection throughout all of January.

My birthday was Sunday and I had planned a BIG WEEKEND because some friends were gonna come up from Cincy. But one of them lost their job and they canceled a few weeks ago. I had planned a potluck party on my actual birthday, and I considered cancelling it when my friends had to cancel. I was just so bummed because I had been looking forward to their visit and then, just nope. But after I slept on it, I decided to have a party anyway. Lots of friends really wanna see the Babe and potlucks are fun and yeah.

So early in the month, I had gone to a brunch at a friend's house and I met some people who I thought were really cool. We connected on social media and then I decided to invite them to my party. Because honestly, why not? They confirmed attendance, which excited me. They have strict dietary needs, so I double checked what those might be and then went looking for new recipes. I already had one recipe I use regularly, but I like to make sure my guests can really eat, so I looked up a couple more. (Plus, cooking for dietary restrictions is fun and forces me to learn new things about food.) Well, AFTER I went shopping and spent all this money on EXPENSIVE ingredients, those motherfuckers canceled their confirmed attendance.


So I canceled my party, which had a couple confirmed attendees (one was my mom), a couple confirmed not attending, and ELEVEN FUCKING RSVPs WITH NO RESPONSE! Oh, and of course, the moment I canceled and posted that to social media, THEN PEOPLE STARTED TO RESPOND!!! (Two days before the party.)


Honestly, why am I 40 years old and STILL dealing with shitty people? You know what? I think I'm done. I think the non-judgmental, welcoming to everyone, accepting of all lifestyles and philosophies, trying to be a force of good in the world girl is OVER. This girl is fucking done. I'm done reaching out and I'm done being friends with bullshit life choices who try to force them on others and I'm just fucking over stupidity and discourtesy and general indifferent crappiness.

I'm too old for this shit and I am so tired of wasting my time.


Fuck everyone!

But here's my list, which is essentially a repeat from last week because I did nothing :


This week :

01. Run, do skip yoga
02. Scan poster board photos and save on hard drives
03. Price frames for unframed artwork
04. Blog posts
05. Travel blog posts
06. Rip some more CDs
07. Post more albums to Facebook
08. Keep reading Moby Dick
09. Figure out database questions
10. Choose newborn photos and print
11. Put together shadow box
12. Touch up bedroom paint
13. Plan road trip and budget
15. Hang artwork
16. Keep planner up to date
17. Make photo books for first three months
18. Finish digital back up
19. Get donation stuff OUT OF THE HOUSE!!!!

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