Friday, March 23, 2018

An open letter to Taylor Swift

Dear Taylor,

I want to preface this letter by telling you it's coming from a friend. I am not yet another media outlet who is trying to tear you down. I agree that the media has treated you pretty unfairly with sexism and virgin shaming and all kinda isms that probably don't even have words yet. It's been a heavy load of bullshit thrown at you on the regular. But I am your friend. I'm not your friend in that crazy obsessed fan who decides to call you a friend sort of way...I'm your actual friend, even if we haven't met. I know this because you have told me this. You have told me multiple times that we're friends. So, while this letter might be hard to read, it is coming from a place of love and respect for who you are as a human being and as my friend.

Uhhh...what the hell are you doing?

Like, ok, I get that you needed a break. That entire Hiddleswift thing was a hot fucking mess of a high degree and that Kimye Snapchat bullshit was also some drama of an exceptionally high level. So when you decided to take a break, that made sense. And you did it up real good in a super impressive way. But honey, the break is over.

You're not only taking a break from your job, apparently, but you're also taking a break from your fans...both of which are a load of horseshit. 'Cause let's be real; you don't HAVE to work ever again. You don't HAVE to write songs or make songs or release albums or have world tours, because we all know that you are loaded in such a manner that means you could support yourself, your family, and your future family for life with no problems. This hiding thing is disturbing.

I suppose I could understand a slower promotion cycle, 'cause of those media bitches...but actually, no I can't. Honestly, why the fuck have you let any of this get to you? Those assholes have been harsh as fuck, but they are also just straight up evil-ass liars. All of the shit that is written about your love life or your work ethic or your sincerity as a human being or whatever...I never believed one word of it. I didn't believe it and not because I'm a fan of yours, but because it was so clearly fucking false. Seriously, if I can see it's false and a shitshow designed to make money, then you must be able to see that.

How long are you gonna let others determine your path because of their bullshit lies?

And look, this whole Kimye thing is ridiculous, but it's also something you can count as an accomplishment. Those two fuckers rely on you to help them remain famous and earn money. That shit has to feel good, right? Someone is so desperate for fame and income that they have to bully and harass you repeatedly in order to keep that fame and money. So honestly, it's time to put that shit to bed and start boasting about how you made them bitches famous, ok?

Your little reclusive streak is absurd and unhealthy, I seriously wonder if you're depressed. I know, I know, you're doing better than you ever were, right? Yeah, right. I'll believe that when you do an actual appearance on Ellen. 'Cause she is legitimately your friend, so why would you refrain from doing her show? But that's part of this entire situation isn't it? Ditching your friends too...

...and your fans.

Of course, I'm talking about "The Swift Life," what a load of lies that is. I was on that shit and it was so hurtful and disappointing. Your app promises "exclusive content," and there hasn't been one exclusive thing in that app. Ok, whatever, taymojis. You need to post some fucking pictures of your cats (not of yourself, obviously, that's out of the question) and stop using it as a place to promote your tour, your merchandise, and divide your fans. That app is fucked up and hurtful and please tell me why the hell some people get more than one like from you before everyone in the entire app has even one like from you? Why would you treat your friends that way? This is the very first time I have found any of your behavior false. I believe that app is something your team runs badly...because if you're actually running the show on it, then we really aren't friends are we?

I know you're all wrapped up on your own hurt feelings right now. I get it. People have been really fucking cruel to you and you are wallowing in your own butthurt. But come on, let it go. You are a smart, interesting, incredibly successful person. And might I remind you, that you CHOSE this life. You don't become as famous as you are without putting in some effort. So that narcissistic, self-pitying "Delicate" music video needs to be burned in fucking effigy because it is so beneath you to act like your own choices have some how made your life so fucking hard that you need a man to save you. I mean, you said he doesn't have to save you, but that music video told a different and totally self-indulgent story.

Girl, grow up.

Let it go.

Move on.

You are the one with the most toys, so you can stop pretending like you aren't.

You are honestly so fucking impressive. You are a smart accomplished woman and you have so much more intelligence than this current version of hiding away from fucking everything and tricking your fans with a bullshit app and making stupid videos that paint you as some poor victim. You're not a victim, you're a fucking ruler. Your castle has definitely not crumbled at all and you don't need knives or guns because the work you create stands alone. Now, stand up tall and go in to the world and show them who you really are.

And while you're at it, enough with Max Martin, Shellback, and Joseph Kahn. You don't need a team. You've made amazing work on your own. You are super fucking impressive and you don't need a bunch of men to aid in your impressiveness. Seriously. You're a bad ass, so it's time to own it.


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