Thursday, April 5, 2018

Ahead and behind and ahead and behind...

I was feeling really good about getting a ton of shit done recently. And now I just feel so fucking behind. I'm behind on posting my weekly to do list and I'm so behind on doing it. I feel like there is always SOMETHING to do and I'm always putting off SOMETHING. Bleh. I wanna feel caught up, you know?


This week :

01. Run, do something upper body
02. Scan poster board photos and save on hard drives
03. Price frames for unframed artwork
04. Blog posts
05. Travel blog posts
06. Rip some more CDs
07. Post more albums to Facebook
08. Keep reading Moby Dick
09. Figure out database questions
10. Choose newborn photos and print
11. Put together shadow box
12. Touch up bedroom paint
13. Book Cincy trip
15. Frame artwork
16. Keep planner up to date
17. Make photo books for first three months
18. Finish digital back up
19. List all items to craigslist

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