Monday, May 28, 2018

Baby Boy XI

Dear Baby Boy,

Nine months old today yesterday!

I'm feeling very guilty for not writing this on the ACTUAL DAY...but oh man, life!

About you : Talkin' up a storm. Many, many sounds. Whispering, breathy sounds and very loud sounds and murmury sounds. You also sing to yourself. I don't know what your songs mean. You sing to yourself when you're deep in play. It's very, very adorable. You LOVE to laugh and to play and to explore. You're particularly adept at climbing, which is awesome and also sometimes challenging. We have to keep you safe and you are determined at doing as much as possible! You push and pull your toys around, because you are so strong. You've been cruising for a while and you've even stood on your own for a few seconds!

You are so bright and interesting and curious and fun and it's so awesome to watch you grow.

I really do love you very much and I'm so excited about this time in your life, except for one thing...

You are OBSESSED with putting everything in your mouth! Boy, you have to stop! You're driving all of us crazy! I feel like we have to have constant eyes on you!

But mostly, you're just fun and delightful.

You met my friend, Theresa, and you went to your first concert - Emily Keener. You met your Uncle Matt and Aunt Becky and you cried when Uncle Matt held you. It's mostly because we don't get out and about as much as some babies. That's ok. There is plenty of time for that. We did go to the mall to try out the tot lot, but it's a bit too big for you.

Life is an adventure and as the weather warms up, I think we're going to have many more.


Hey Mama,

ALMOST there! You almost have your apartment ready to go, there are just a few more things to get settled. It's VERY frustrating. You almost have the garden in shape, but you need a few more plants. It's VERY frustrating. You're right on the edge of the next steps and it's kinda overwhelming.

Baby Boy is delightful, as usual...and so smart and curious and can take credit for that. You're doing a bang up job.

As for everything else - just don't feel guilty. If you feel like you have to let someone else down to take care of yourself, then you're not really letting someone else down. You HAVE to take care of yourself and that is the bottom line. If you feel like you're falling behind on some things, don't stress. You have a lot on your plate and you're really conquering a lot of shit.

Worry less. You're on the right track.

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