Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Trying to get back in rhythm

In marching band, if you are out of step, you do a little half step to get back on step. This is my attempt at doing that to get this blog back in order. In less than a week, we should have our new apartment actually available to move in.

I need two things over there that we don't currently have : a dining room table set and baby gates. Mom ordered the baby gates via her Target card today, which is awesome. We don't have the cash up front, so we can pay her back over time. We had a plan for a dining room table, but I think it's fallen we have to buy that. But since Adam JUST started his new job, we won't have money right as we're able to move in. I mean, we can move without the dining table. We can make it work. We can also borrow folding tables from mom for the time being.

So we're gonna move, but my house won't be totally set up for probably another couple of weeks. I am still looking forward to setting everything up, even if I have to wait a bit to really get it settled.


This week :

01. Run or walk, do some yoga (maybe)
02. Resize and save poster board photos
03. Photograph second G. project
04. Blog posts
07. Rip some more CDs
08. Post more albums to Facebook
09. Read to Babe
10. Figure out database questions
11. Put together letterman's shadow box
12. Frame and hang remaining artwork
13. Frame all that other stuff for those other people
14. Keep planner up to date
15. Make photo books for first three months
16. Finish digital back up
17. Edit ALL the photos and upload

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